For those of you who are interested in finding out more about the things I talk about, here are some of my favorite pages, bloggers, organisations and youtubers. I check ’em constantly!


everydayfeminism logo
For your daily dose of everyday feminism, this eponymous site is always awesome. They are also on facebook. Like them. They’ll post about your everyday issues and are super intersectional (in other words awesome) so they post things from dealing with fat/skinny shaming and sex-positivity etc on a personal level to gender politics and structural problems of racial and gender bias etc. and all of this in short, accessible posts.

feministing logo

For those of you unafraid of bolder things, feministing is absolutely perf. My personal fav: their daily feminist cheat sheet. Links to articles on current events from politics to more frivolous events. Their bloggers are also top. Thumbs up for intersectionality!

jezebel logo

Compiling the most recent info, commentary and news items, making a point to appeal to a female audience without the usual, misogynist commentary about weight loss, Jezebel is an amazing news platform/online mag. Join the community!



OMG it’s Laci Green with her sex+ channel found at – “A frank video series about sexuality”. Though comprehensive sex ed is part of the school curricula back in Lux, I feel like before I started following her (like online, not as in creepy-stalk-mode), I knew NOTHING. One of my personal heroes. Have seen literally every video. I can’t even. Also her tumblr. hilarious!!


Although some of the comments might go a little far, the feminist frequency channel created by Anita Sarkeesian raises some really important questions around women in pop culture. From the Bechdel test to Tropes vs.Women, you’ll definitely never view the media the same way again!



rainn is the website of the Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network and is a great resource to find information and statistics on, well, Rape, Abuse and Incest (duh). Because these are things that disproportionally affect women, I felt it would be worth mentioning.



The It Gets Better Project is an organisation that helps support GLBTQ youth. The project started when columnist and author Dan Savage created a YouTube video with his partner Terry Miller to inspire hope for young people facing harassment in response to a wave of GLBTQ youth suicides, telling them that, well it gets better. It has since become a global advocacy movement and platform for GLBTQ youth rights.

If you have any ideas for more resources, or thoughts on the listed above, feel free to comment!



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