Global perspectives through a feminist lens

This blog is about feminist issues – from consent culture to workplace inequality over women’s and GLBTQ rights, all jumbled up into a wonderful mix dressed with a zesty sprinkle of intersectionality – because issues of race, class and sexuality work in concert  to create oppression and should be taken as such. Feminism is not just for middle class white women okay?!


It’s not even just women for that matter. The idea is that all people, no matter which class, race or gender they identify with, are people that deserve respect, acknowledgment as part of society, and equal opportunity. As anyone who has taken a sociology class can tell you, society isn’t based on some illusionary meritocratic principle relying on some protestant ethic. (Whodathunkit?!)

Women, and especially women of color and women that don’t correspond to heteronormative gender standards, are more likely to be poor, to be survivors of sexual assault and rape, to face sexual harrassment in the workplace and in public, to earn less than their male counterparts and give up carreers in favor of childrearing. And no matter how much Cheryl Sandberg tells you it’s enough to just “Lean in” and pick a good husband – this advice just won’t cut it when you’re facing systemic issues.

The point of this blog is to deconstruct. Ideas, preconceptions, social norms. EVERYTHING. Because sometimes everything just isn’t what it seems. And everything doesn’t have to be the way it is now. A critical mindset is all it takes sometimes.


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