All I want for Christmas…

Thanksgiving is over, and everywhere the Christmas decorations, lights and most importantly advertisements are being put up. So in lieu of the looming holiday, here I am, sitting in the library, making a list (no double-checking, I have finals and deadlines) of things I want for Christmas.

Here’s what I have off the top of my head:

No more objectifying women’s bodies in advertising.


It’s a cheap shot and products worth buying have more going for them than half-naked women (and men) anyway.

No more slut shaming.


Being sexually active does not mean your “cheap, fast and easy”.

No more vilifying feminists…


If I hear one more person arguing they’re not feminist because they believe all feminists correspond to the straw feminist trope I will high five them. With a chair. In their face.

… but let’s acknowledge that patriarchy hurts men too.

all men are rapists

Although I think MRA’s can gtfo, and I am a firm believer in male privilege, this article makes a valid point about why we need to talk about misandry (although this term is quite loaded and I do prefer to call it toxic masculinity – semantics).

A minimum wage that’s also a living wage.

minimum wage

‘Murica plz.

For everybody to gather and do this:

smash the patriarchy

…with a tinsel-covered hammer. It’s the holidays after all.

And finally this on a T-shirt so I can wear it while I do the former:

mymarxist feministrhetoric

Isn’t it perfect? :3

I leave the parting words to Rosie:

Rosie christmas

How wonderfully secular.


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