Party with Playboy – College & Consent

So I came across something a couple of months ago that I thought was super awesome and that I wanted to share with all y’alls.
It was the beginning of my first semester at an American college in quite the college party town, and the stereotypes were quite intimidating. Roofies, rape, excessive drinking and the whole shebang. Not to mention the cultural standards around sexuality, so different from what I’m used to, starting with the way people dance (btw – grinding – wtf?).

consent commandments

All of a sudden on the 17th of September this year, a month after my arrival, the online world was buzzing: Playboy had just released a new reinvented version of their college party rank, namely their “Top Ten Party Commandments – The ultimate guide to a consensual good time”. Or that’s what people thought. (In reality, this was a prank set up by round 25 college students that are part of the upsetting rape culture network – the plot thickens.) Playboy quickly found out about it, and like any other corporation defending their image and name would do, they decided to distance themselves from the article.

party on - party foul

Isn’t it ironic? A brand of the sexual industry that refuses to associate itself with promoting consent culture in an industry fraught with pervasive sexualization of violence gets upset over someone using their name – without their consent.

Anyways take a look – it’s beautiful.




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